Cheese press

I got a cheese press from Ben for Christmas !!! This means I will finally be able to try my hand at hard cheeses. There is only so much Feta one can eat…

First candidate: Farmhouse Cheddar.


Here’s what my first batch of soap looks like

img_2043It turned out great, right pH, right bubbliness and cleansing power. It may have been beginner’s luck, only batch #2 will tell us. They sold great at the South Strafford craft fair but it seems as though “the Happy Goat” is already taken.

I’ve saved a few for Christmas presents.


With two gardens, our freezer reached capacity in August, before the real harvests even started !

In September, we were still getting so many green beans, and tomatoes were finally coming in. A month later, here is the result of countless hours in the garden and in the kitchen:

Dilly beans, tomato sauce, whole tomato peeled, ketchup, apple sauce, salsa, pickled beets, pickles, and jams.

Busy work…


I’ve been crocheting for 13 months now. I started with dishclothes. Then a Hobbes for my son (who is blond and will probably turn out to be a little Calvin), then hats, mittens, and all the rest. I am now starting to write down some patterns.

Here are some items I crafted this year for the Tunbridge World Fair (first place for the owl hat :)).


We are finally getting some good harvests! My kitchen is hot at night from all the canning.

We are definitely disappointed in what the tomato plants are giving us, we were expecting to be buried under tons of tomatoes. We need to invest in a greenhouse and some cold frames next season.

Billings Farm

We’ve been going to Billings Farm a lot with Robin. He loves animals and can spend hours petting them. He also tries to kiss the cows, but they don’t seem to be interested.

We love Billings Farm, it’s such a great museum of Vermont’s past. We are definitely in the right place for what we want our lives to be.