“Do you get lonely?”

I asked my friends on Facebook for inspiration for a blog post. We have transitioned to the life we are living very slowly. It took us about 5 years from reading a book about farming in Vermont (while living in a very dense, downtown area), to where we are today. This question was raised by a dear friend from my previous life, back when I was in college.

I chose to answer this question first because I remember looking at pictures of land and houses back then, and craving the sense of peacefulness those pictures evoked.

The pictures I share on social media are close to reality, they depict the essence of our life pretty accurately. But as the normal social media consumer, I do not share every details about my life. Mainly for privacy concerns, but also because I often assume that some aspects of rural life/my life is so obvious, that I tend to not share those aspects. Like how to stack wood, how to split wood, how to cook on a wood-stove. It has become second nature.

IMG_0770Picture from our main window, something I would share on social media.






Picture from our side window, that I would probably not share on social media. We have neighbors! And a road a few yards from our house.



We have reached a routine that only seem relevant to mention when friends from a previous life or when family visit us.

So, back to the main question: “Do you get lonely?” My honest answer is “sometimes, I wish I was”. Sometimes, I wish we lived in an even more remote area, in an even smaller house. Sometimes I wish I could live in those pictures you find online when you type “off-grid living”. Sometimes, I google picture of off-grid living, and want to just escape from our life.

Our life hasn’t changed that much since moving here.
We both have a job, we have a child that attends the public preschool, and we volunteer whenever we can. I am the librarian in our little town, which means that I interact with a lot of people, even on days when I don’t feel like talking to people. Off-grid living doesn’t mean I am not connected to my community. I am still paying property taxes, I am still very much connected to my neighbors.

I have actually never felt so connected and not-lonely in my life. I am friends with people of all ages, of very different backgrounds. I am friends with people I would have never associated myself in the past. Being physically close to people, but far from other communities tend to bring us closer together. We all have something in common: we love this place we call home, and we work together to make it better. And sometimes, that is enough to forget our differences.

We did it!

We finally moved into our new home, that we started May 1st, 2015. We moved in July 15th, 2015. It is far from being done, but we are so happy to be in. It feels like camping sometimes, but we love it!

Here are a few pics of downstairs and our sleeping quarters.

The view from upstairs window, before we moved in


Up the stairs


Beautiful stove, not yet connected. View from the beginning of the stairs


Our kitchen area


Our sleeping quarters, upstairs. Our little one has a little reading/playing area next to it. Will become bigger as soon as we have futons/tatami for our sleeping area.


And here it is! Our beautiful small home!