Billings Farm

We’ve been going to Billings Farm a lot with Robin. He loves animals and can spend hours petting them. He also tries to kiss the cows, but they don’t seem to be interested.

We love Billings Farm, it’s such a great museum of Vermont’s past. We are definitely in the right place for what we want our lives to be.


Hanging out in the garden

Spring is awesome, and the garden is looking great this year. Green beans, tomatoes, garlic, potatoes, asparagus, rhubarb, blueberries, peas, corn, and cucumbers.

The house looks so pretty from the backyard, we are so lucky to live in such an amazing place. Ben started to look for wood around the house to start stacking for the winter. I can’t believe we are already thinking of next winter…

Here he is !

After a long delivery, my son finally arrived. He is precious, and we love him already so much.

His name is Robin.