Chicken laws

I compiled a list of chicken laws for big cities in the US. All the states should be represented, and if you city is not on the list, feel free to go on and check out the law about keeping chicken in your backyard. This list was compiled in 2011, so it is up-to-date. However, before buying chickens, make sure you double check, ordinances change fast.

So here it is :

chicken laws

Free-Range, Pastured and Organic Eggs

When buying organic eggs, customers except hens to be “happier” than regular hens. This video shows that “organic” might not be what you think:

If you want real organic, happy hens, raise your own chickens or check your local farms.

Raising Chickens


If you are serious about making the most out of your land, chickens are a good way to introduce animals into your urban paradise. A lot of cities across the US allows citizens to have chickens in their backyard.

A while back, when we were contemplating the idea of having animals on our small land (.15 acres total), chickens seemed like a good idea. But was our backyard big enough ? Would it take a lot of our time ?


– they require very little time per week. Around 1 hour total (for 6 chickens).

– they are good “composter”: they poop, they scratch (just move them on your gardening patch once harvesting season is over), they eat almost anything.

– they take almost no space.

– they are docile creature, thus making them perfect if you have kids around.

– they provide eggs and meat. And eggs… and eggs… lots of them.


– Did I mention eggs ?


– during winter, you’ll need to change the water daily. Same thing during the hot days of summer.

– you’ll chase them a few time across your garden (and in the street if you aren’t lucky) until you found all those little places where they can fly over or crawl under. It took us a while to catch them in the act of jumping on the apple tree, then jumping on the fence to go and see what the neighborhood looked like. We thought they were crawling under the fence…

– you’ll get attach to them, and have a harder time eating meat than before.  Is that a con ?