Time for a harder cheese: Gouda

I said in the previous post that I was going to try a cheddar, but I didn’t have the correct culture for it. I had some MM100 culture which is good for a Gouda, and is very similar to making a cheddar.

I started with about 3 gallons of farm-fresh cow’s milk. img_0350


I heated to 90F, at which point I added the culture (MM100 from Choozit, 1/8 tsp). After I let it ripe for 10 minutes, I added the rennet, about 3/4 tsp diluted in 1/2 cup of cold water.


After waiting and cutting the curd, and cooking it, I scooped it out in my mold.


Now, the fun part: pressing it overnight. Unfortunately, Ben’s press doesn’t come with a way to know how much pressure I am applying. img_03751

Undressing the cheese:img_0377img_0394

Now all we need to do is wait a few months…

Cheese press

I got a cheese press from Ben for Christmas !!! This means I will finally be able to try my hand at hard cheeses. There is only so much Feta one can eat…

First candidate: Farmhouse Cheddar.

First Feta !!!

Our friends Jody & Ian have been milking their goats for a few months now, and they started trading their extra milk with us. There is only so much Chèvre you can eat.

We are lucky to have a cheese making store in South Royalton, and they sell Feta culture. They also have a recipe that will make a great feta. You can adjust the taste with lipase if you like a stronger flavor. I suggest trying without any the first time. Here is the recipe.