Freedom Rangers

Hi all,

We have a few extra meat birds (around 12) for sale. We will process them in two weeks, early September. They are Freedom Rangers, fed 100% organic feed from Green Mountain Feeds (local and organic). They are also free-ranging every day, on .05 acres. We do have fence, but it’s mainly to keep bears and foxes out. We thoroughly clean the coop every week (no deep litter, everything is cleaned out and new straw is provided). $5.5/lb (around $27.5/bird depending on how much they will weight once processed), $6 if you want it custom cut. Delivered to your house.

These birds are smaller than the one in the store, but at the end of their life, they are still able to run (and Robin makes sure he chases them around every day), and they don’t die from a heart attack.

You are welcome to come and see them before we process them, we have toys outside for little ones, and I can do a storytime and a hands-on activity (looking for eggs in the chicken coop, getting close and learning about chickens, etc.) with preschoolers.