Square Foot Gardening


SFG was one of the first reason we started gardening. It looked like the best way to use our small parcel of land, and it seemed soooo easy. You build some boxes (we used old blocks of concrete the old owners left us), put a mix of soil, plant your seeds, water them and voila ! The book also mention that the weeding is almost non-existent, and that you save on watering. I learned that when it comes to gardening, you can’t avoid weeding or watering (especially if you live in the middle of a desert like Utah), and it is hard work no matter what techniques you use.

I don’t hate SFG, I think it is a great way to introduce kids and beginners to gardening. But if you want to can your harvest and still have enough to eat during the summer, I don’t recommend SFG. The first year, we tried SFG. I had eight 4 feet by 4 feet boxes. It was just the two of us, and the harvest was really deceiving. I still needed to buy fruits and vegetables that year. WE spent a lot of time for almost nothing.


My conclusion is that SFG is great if you don’t want to ruin your lawn by having just a few boxes to have a small veggie patch to an existing garden.